Doug Batey Law



How We Charge

Our fee philosophy is based on transparency – we consider it important to have open discussions with our clients about legal fees. This avoids misunderstandings and allows us to develop a strategy in line with the client’s objectives. We seek to represent our clients’ interests as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We do not charge for an initial consultation of up to one hour to discuss your issues, whether we can help, and what the legal fees and costs would be.

We cover fees and costs in a signed engagement letter before taking on a client or a project.

Billing by the Hour

This is the most common fee arrangement. The client’s bill is based on the lawyer’s hourly rate and the amount of time the lawyer spends working on the client’s project, plus any direct costs incurred, such as filing fees.

We strive to be efficient with our time. If we review a bill at the end of the month and decide that we have been inefficient, we will reduce our fees.

We can provide written estimates in advance and frequent updates on the progress and costs of an engagement. We bill monthly and terms are net 15 days.

Flat Fee

We can offer a flat, fixed fee for a project or an engagement when the anticipated effort can be forecast within a reasonable range. With a flat fee arrangement, we agree to perform a specific service for a specific fee, and you know in advance how much the service will cost. Flat fees are typically paid up front for the work on the project. Flat fee arrangements will be detailed in a written fee agreement.